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Implementing your investment strategy correlates with your investment objectives. Equities are purchased to fund long-term goals by providing diversified, after-tax growth above the rate of inflation. Fixed income is used to realize a relatively high level of current income, preserve capital, and reduce portfolio volatility. Equities and Fixed Income are often used in conjunction with one another.

Whether you are in the accumulation phase looking for growth, are looking for income in retirement, or are interested in making an impact with your investments, Aspen has a strategy that is tailored towards your needs.

Our Strategies

Core Equity:

  • Large companies with strong track records

  • Broad diversification across economic sectors

ESG Core Equity:

  • Investments that align with your values and beliefs

  • Intentional investments designed to make an impact 

Equity Income:

  • Income + Growth Focus

  • Consistent and growing dividends

ETF strategy:

  • Long-term investment focus

  • Diversification through a basket of stocks

Fixed Income:

  • Income generation and capital preservation

  • Asset / Liability matched withdrawal strategy

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